UNIOR Components maintained its business activities

Radio Television Kragujevac crew visited our company, as one of the best regional leaders. On this occasion, RTK prepared an article and short video which you can find below.

“The corona virus pandemic affects the functioning of economic entities, and companies, among other things, face a shortage of staff, due to the absence of employees due to infection with Covid 19. The company “UNIOR Components”, which produces tools for the automotive, aerospace and other industries, managed to maintain business activities. The biggest problem at the moment are the unstable price of energy, as well as the procurement of materials necessary for the production process.

The corona virus did not stop the production process in the halls of UNIOR Components. All jobs have been preserved, and 102 workers, out of a total of 160 employees, have been vaccinated. Currently the biggest problems are related to lack of materials and rising energy prices. Despite that, this business year will end with results that exceed expectations in “UNIOR Components”.

The continuation of the export trend represents a good path to survival and positive business outlook. In order to improve working conditions, but also to save electricity, the employees of this company recently installed solar panels that are used to produce electricity. Panels installed on about 2,000 square meters can produce about 500,000 kilowatt hours of electricity annually.

Special tools produced in Kragujevac are exported to 25 countries, and the largest markets are in Germany, Hungary and France.”

Article originally published by RTK – https://rtk.co.rs/unior-komponents-zadrzao-svoje-privredne-aktivnosti/

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