New equipment launched in renovated facility for cutting and sandblasting

UNIOR Components is well known as a company that reinvests a significant part of its income in the modernization of its production facility.

Among other things, the complete facility for gas cutting and sandblasting of welded constructions was renovated this year. A new Omnicut 4600 G gas and plasma cutting machine (Maximum size of cutting pieces 2000 x 6000) was purchased, as well as a new SciTeX Cabilux Series sandblasting equipment, which ensures a significantly better quality of sandblasting process of the welded structures.

Also, the renovation process included a complete reconstruction of the interior, so that now the new gas cutting machine and the new sandblaster are located in the same building and which provides significantly leaner production process of welded constructions. In addition to the interior, the entire roof was also renovated, on which solar panels will be installed in the coming period as part of the “UC B” solar power plant.

Overall, this investment is expected to result in faster production processes and increased customer satisfaction of the welded construction and machining program.


Technical characteristics of gas cutting machine OMNICUT 4600 G:

– Working length: 6000mm

– Working width: 2000mm

– Material thickness: 2-40mm for plasma cutting, and up to 200mm for Oxy Fuel cutting

– Material Type: Mild / Stainless steel


Technical characteristics of sandblasting chamber CabiLux Model PC-CL 743

-Internal dimensions 5100 x 3900 x 2900 mm

-Motorized main entry gate

-Ventilator of the dust collector,  efficiency 12000 m3/h

-Dust collector DM-FC 10 (filtration area of 210m2). The filtration process is controlled entierly by BMS central control system

– Control cabinet with BMS system

-Pneumatic blast machine BM-SB 130

-RU-GM 400 OFL abrasive recovery unit

-Lighting at the top (6 LED pcs) + side (4 pcs)

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