Investments in the production of broaching tools

Continuous investments in the production of broaching tools from the moment of privatization until today, enabled UNIOR Components to become and remain:
a brand, which is present in more than 25 countries in Europe and worldwide,
a reliable partner to all its customers
a serious competitor to the most famous names in broaching tools production,

Our broaching program offers:

Own construction – we offer a complete constructive solution in 2D and 3D software;

The highest quality of materials procured exclusively from reputable European suppliers
     High speed steels (HSS) – for parts made of aluminum, magnesium, steel for machines
     High-speed steels with high cobalt content (HSS-E) – for parts made of steel, stainless steel, cast iron, etc.
    High-speed steels obtained by powder metallurgy processes (HSS-PM) – for parts made of titanium and nickel alloys, as well as for the dry broaching              process

Own heat treatment in salt baths, which enables extremely short deadlines as well as extremely long tool life.

All types of coatings (TiN; TiCN; TiAlN; AlCrN, etc.) which can be:
    Construction proposal in accordance with the workpiece requirement (workpiece material; wear protection; increase in surface hardness or friction                    reduction)
     Buyer’s request expressed in the technical documentation

Confirmation of product quality by testing tools before delivery to customers

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Our Broaching Tools

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Surface broaching

Helical broaching


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