Lease agreement signed with Oerlikon

Coating of UNIOR Componets’ broaching tools will be available in Kragujevac by the middle of 2025.  By signing the contract on the construction and lease of a hall for the Oerlikon (HQ in Switzerland) within the Unior Components’ Ecosystem in Kragujevac, the cooperation between these two companies was made official.

The global leader in the field of surface protection, which operates in 38 countries of the world, brings to these areas the most innovative technology of PVD coating, which  was not directly available on the market until now.

The arrival of “Oerlikon” in Serbia is particularly significant for all toolmakers in the region and companies from the metal processing sector, but also for companies from the auto and aviation industry, which until now have solved their requirements for coating abroad.  From the middle of next year, coating services will be available directly in Kragujevac.

Due to the need for a PVD coating service provider on the tools it produces, “Unior Components” has been patiently looking for a partner for this type of services. After intensive discussions with representatives of “Oerlikon”, a final agreement was reached, which was made official by signing the contract on 24.04.2024.

A 1,200 square meter hall will be built within the technological park of “Unior Components” for the needs of “Oerlikon”, which the global leader in the field of surface protection will lease for a period of ten years.

“Unior Components” will invest 1.2 million euros in this project. On the other hand, “Oerlikon” will invest about 1.5 million Swiss francs in the market of Serbia, as well as the former Yugoslavia, through state-of-the-art equipment.

Today, “Unior Components” is the leading manufacturer of broaches in Europe and a long-standing supplier for the automotive, aerospace and defense industries. Thanks to this investment, which will be realized with its own funds, it will become one of the two manufacturers of broaching tools in Europe that have a complete production process in their company.

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