In addition to our long tradition of tool production in UNIOR Components, there is an equally long tradition of metals heat treatment.

Heat treatment at UNIOR Components started out of the need of the production cycle of special tools manufacturing, which represent company’s core business. In addition to its own needs for heat treatment, a significant part of the capacity is focused on the market, and accordingly UNIOR Components cooperates with the most eminent tool manufacturers in the field of plastic injection, silumin, press tools, etc., both in Serbia and in the region.

Today, over 200 satisfied customers from Serbia and South Eastern Europe use heat treatment services of UNIOR Components.

The emphasis in providing heat treatment services is placed primarily on quality, short deadlines and competitive price. Thanks to this approach our customers perceive us as a partner in the tool-making process, and that is exactly what we are – a reliable partner.

The range of heat treatment services has a wide range, and is primarily focused on the heat treatment of high-speed and tool steels, all types of annealing, improvement, cementation, carbon nitriding and post-oxidation.

In order to qualitatively prove the heat treatment process, all customers are provided with a heat treatment flow diagram and a report on the measured hardness. For these purposes, UNIOR Components has the most modern equipment for hardness measurement, which consists of a series of measuring devices according to the Rockwell, Vickers, Micro Vickers and Brinell scales.

Heat treatment of high speed steel

For heat treatment of high speed steels in UNIOR Components, there is a unique equipment that consists of a system of salt baths of different dimensions. This type of hardening of high speed steels gives the best quality with minimal deformations.




Heat treatment of tool steel

For heat treatment of tool steels, UNIOR Components has a vacuum furnace from the renowned German manufacturer Ipsen, which is one of the most modern technologies available for this type of heat treatment. The combination of our expertise and this technology guarantees safe quality and reliability. The furnace has the possibility of direct temperature measurement in one piece in several places, which practically leads the cycle and controls it in real conditions. This process is fully automated and customers receive tools absolutely clean at the required hardness with minimal deformation. After the heat treatment, as a guarantee of quality, the customer is supplied with a flow diagram of the heat treatment.

· DIMENSIONS 600X600X900


Thermochemical treatment of gas nitriding, nitrocarbonation and postoxidation

For these types of heat treatment, UNIOR Components has the most modern equipment from the renowned manufacturer Ipsen, which performs gas nitriding, nitrocarbonation and post-oxidation in a fully automated process. The trend in the production of plastic and silumin injection molding tools is the thermochemical process of nitrocarbonation and post-oxidation, which increases the service life of the tool and at the same time achieves protection of the tool against corrosion.



Heat treatment of steel for improvement and annealing

Steels of this type are mainly hardened isothermally in a heat-intensive medium, such as special hardening oils and the like. For these needs, we have induction furnaces for heating parts, oil and water baths.



Heat treatment process control

The final control of the heat treatment process involves measuring the hardness by methods that are in line with customer requirements. UNIOR Components has the most modern devices for measuring hardness according to Rockwell, Vickers, Brinell scales. Each customer is issued a report on the measured hardness. UNIOR Components has a laboratory for metallographic testing where we can examine the structure of the material after heat treatment and thus confirm the quality of heat treatment.

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