Director of UNIOR Components wins The Best Regional Leader Award in 2020

The Regional Chamber of Commerce of the Šumadija and Pomoravlje administrative districts awarded companies and business leaders who stood out with their work, engagement and results in 2020.

The winner of the award for regional business leader in 2020 is our director Ljubinko Mijailović, who has achieved exceptional business results.

The year behind us was extremely difficult, because a state of emergency was in force in Serbia due to the corona virus.

Despite that fact, the company UNIOR Components worked at full speed in extremely difficult circumstances when the borders were closed and when the procurement of raw materials, as well as the placement of goods and exports was prevented.

This company employs more than 160 workers, and UNIOR Components exports from about 30 countries around the world.

The award means a lot, says Ljubinko Mijalilović, the director of this company, who adds that a difficult fight for the market, buyers and placement of goods is ahead.

According to the results of business and applied technologies, our company is one of the best in Serbia in terms of management and presence on the reference market, but also in terms of the status of employees, according to the Regional Chamber of Commerce of Šumadija and Pomoravlje administrative districts.

Undoubtedly, the most important merit goes to the director of the company, Ljubinko Mijailović, pointed out Predrag Lučić, director of the Regional Chamber of Commerce of the Šumadija and Pomoravlje administrative districts, who presented the award of the regional business leader for 2020.

In the first 11 months, the economy of the Šumadija administrative district realized a foreign trade surplus in the amount of 362 million euros, while the economy of the city of Kragujevac in the same period realized a foreign trade surplus of 127 million euros.

UNIOR Components also has a very important place in achieving these results.


Credits: RTK

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