Memorandum of understanding has been signed with the Office for Dual Education and the National Qualifications Framework

To our mutual satisfaction, today was the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Office for Dual Education and the National Qualifications Framework and our company.

The document regulates fundamental cooperation in terms of mutual notification of needs and provision of personnel, as well as in the area of promoting dual education and the National Framework of Qualifications. Also, the need for new qualification standards in the field of mechanical engineering and metallurgy was mapped.

Photo credit: Office for Dual Education and the National Qualifications Framework

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Sixth solar power plant has been installed and commissioned

According to the plan, sixth solar power plant at UC was recently installed and commissioned.

Sixth solar power plant is the smallest so far and it covers a roof area of 240 m² and consists of 72 panels. The total power of the power plant is 39 KWp AC, while the projected annual production is around 54 MWh.

Today, a total of 4767 m² of roof area is covered by as many as 2090 solar panels, which results in a total power of 813 KWp AC and a projected annual production of 2369 MWh. A detailed overview of all power plants is available in the image below:

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Fifth solar power plant installed and commissioned

Fifth solar power plant at UC was recently installed and commissioned above a portion of Facility number 4. (more…)

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First HL-LHC jacks tested and validated at CERN

All jacks of batch #1, produced by UNIOR components d.o.o, have been validated and accepted after the Site Acceptance Tests carried out at CERN. The green light to proceed with the manufacturing of pre-series batch #2 has already been given to UNIOR Components.

Machining of batch #2 parts is expected to be completed by beginning of March, followed by the full assembly and the Factory Acceptance Tests. These new jacks are expected to be delivered to CERN in early May.

Article originally published by CERN (Irene Garcia Obrero and Jaime Perez Espinos)
First HL-LHC jacks before being tested at CERN Main Workshop (Image: Irene Garcia Obrero)








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New TOS WHN 13 machine is installed and running on our shopfloor

In order to provide the best quality for customers of our Welding & Machining department, we have replaced the old TOS WHN 13 CNC machine with a brand new one and it was recently put into operation. The complete characteristics of the machine can be below the photos:

Milling machine TOS WHN 13 (4 axis):

    • X, Y, Z – 3500 x 2000 x 1250 mm
    • Max. work piece weight: 12 000 kg
    • Speed: 10/3000 1/min
    • Feed: 4/10000 mm/min
    • Power: 41/46 kW
    • Spindle: ISO 50
    • Table dimensions: 1800×2500 mm
    • Control unit: Heidenhain NC 640
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UNIOR Components officially receives the “prosumer” status

On 18.11.2022. UNIOR Components has officially obtained the status of “prosumer” of electrical energy produced by its solar power plants “UC A” and “UC B”  whose total installed capacity is 555 kWh. This is the final step of the project, the investment of which started back in 2021.

UNIOR Components hereby officially became one of the first companies in the region that, after installing significant capacities in the production of electricity from renewable sources, acquired the status of “prosumer” from EPS (Elektro Privreda Srbije).  Also, according to the current plan, in 2023, 30-40% of electricity will be produced by solar panels.

In order to increase competitiveness on the global market, but also bearing in mind the volatility of the energy market, as well as contributing to the global goals of sustainable development, UNIOR Components will continue to invest in its capacities for the production of electricity.

Ivan Milićević, the manager of this project at UC, says the following for our website:

This is a big step forward in the realization of this project, but we are not stopping here. We will try to install more solar panels up to the total approved power of 900KW in the coming period. We expect the installed capacity to reduce Unior Components’ electricity costs, but also to contribute as much as we can to the efforts of state institutions to reduce the import of energy. In other words, we want to be responsible both for the business of the company and for the state of Serbia.

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Expansion of solar power plant “UC B”

Additional capacity of 138 kWp was recently added to the existing solar power plant “UC B”.  Namely, 34 monocrystalline panels with a power of 375 Wp, manufactured by Canadian Solar and 306 monocrystalline panels with a power of 410 Wp, manufactured by Luxor Solar are added to existing network.

Today,  the total capacity of the solar power plants “UC A” + “UC B” is 638.99 kWp, which enables the company to produce more than 30% of the consumed electricity from its own sources.

In the future, UNIOR Components plans to further expand the production of electricity from renewable sources.

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New equipment launched in renovated facility for cutting and sandblasting

UNIOR Components is well known as a company that reinvests a significant part of its income in the modernization of its production facility.

Among other things, the complete facility for gas cutting and sandblasting of welded constructions was renovated this year. A new Omnicut 4600 G gas and plasma cutting machine (Maximum size of cutting pieces 2000 x 6000) was purchased, as well as a new SciTeX Cabilux Series sandblasting equipment, which ensures a significantly better quality of sandblasting process of the welded structures.

Also, the renovation process included a complete reconstruction of the interior, so that now the new gas cutting machine and the new sandblaster are located in the same building and which provides significantly leaner production process of welded constructions. In addition to the interior, the entire roof was also renovated, on which solar panels will be installed in the coming period as part of the “UC B” solar power plant.

Overall, this investment is expected to result in faster production processes and increased customer satisfaction of the welded construction and machining program.


Technical characteristics of gas cutting machine OMNICUT 4600 G:

– Working length: 6000mm

– Working width: 2000mm

– Material thickness: 2-40mm for plasma cutting, and up to 200mm for Oxy Fuel cutting

– Material Type: Mild / Stainless steel


Technical characteristics of sandblasting chamber CabiLux Model PC-CL 743

-Internal dimensions 5100 x 3900 x 2900 mm

-Motorized main entry gate

-Ventilator of the dust collector,  efficiency 12000 m3/h

-Dust collector DM-FC 10 (filtration area of 210m2). The filtration process is controlled entierly by BMS central control system

– Control cabinet with BMS system

-Pneumatic blast machine BM-SB 130

-RU-GM 400 OFL abrasive recovery unit

-Lighting at the top (6 LED pcs) + side (4 pcs)

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AZ RU 2000 – New grinding machine in broaching tools production program

In order to meet specific customer needs, but also to maintain a leading position in the market, UNIOR Components invests a significant portion of yearly revenue in the modernization and increase of production capacity.

In accordance with the plans, a new machine was recently put into operation in the production program of the broaching tools – AZ RU 2000 universal grinder from the Italian manufacturer AZ Machine Tools, which will find its application primarily in grinding round broaching tools. As a result, UNIOR Components increased its total capacity of grinding operations and significantly improved the quality of the machining process for this type of the tools.

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AUCTION: Sale of CNC machine for plasma and gas cutting and sandblasting chamber

On March 18, 2022, starting at 12:00, the sale of used machines will be organized in UNIOR Components (Kosovska 4, Kragujevac). The subject of sale are CNC gas cutting machines and sandblasters with the following characteristics:

CNC plasma and gas cutting machine

– Manufacturer: VARSTROJ VARCUT 2.6 L2 (G + PL)

– Model: VAR-ECO 2.6

– Year: 2008

– Dimensions of the cutting piece: 2000 x 6000 mm

– Plasma source: D-12000 (code TRC-121)

– Gas cutting: up to 150 mm thick

Complete advertisement available here


Sandblasting chamber

– Dimensions of the sandbox: LXWxH = 6000x5000x3400 mm

– Ventilation: LxWxH = 4060x3200x3000 mm

– Sandblasting nozzle diameter: Ø 10 mm.

– Sand drainage: spiral conveyors

– Suction: vacuum

Complete advertisement available here


Apply for participation in the auction via e-mail:

Application for participation will be accepted until 17.03.2022 at 10:00 pm.

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