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Proven Team

At UNIOR Components, we encourage creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, but also provide numerous benefits and constantly ensure quality interpersonal relationships. UNIOR Components - The team with proven track record!


As one of the most desirable employers in the region, but also as a business entity that makes a significant contribution to the community, we are obliged to maintain our reputation. Also, we are aware that by investing in employees, we not only show responsibility towards our associates, but also further motivate them for new challenges.

Employee Care

Employee care and the quality of their working life at UNIOR Components is closely integrated into all of our business plans. We are especially committed to safety and security at work and we are continuously improving it. We are trying to raise the awareness of our associates in various ways and encourage them to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Currently open positions

Recognizing the fact that the key to a company’s success lies in its employees, UNIOR Components is looking for people who share the ambition to be successful in their business. Join us!

CNC operator

We are looking for a competent CNC Operator to use computer numerically controlled (CNC) machinery safely and accurately to perform a variety of functions. CNC Operators are highly skilled professionals, able to work with great concentration and precision. They must be responsible and comply with all safety guidelines. A keen eye for detail and great mechanical aptitude […]


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    Marko Kostić

    Position: CNC Machine operator Production program: Broaching tools Years in UC: 9

    The diversity and complexity of the job is something I love the most about UNIOR Components. The fact that the production is not serial implies a great responsibility, but it also represents an opportunity to show my knowledge. The feeling that we are all part of one successful company is a pleasure and a strong motive. In our team there is mutual assistance, good communication and good cooperation. We all have the same goal and that is a job well done.

    Vladan Vesović

    Position: Metal profile grinder Production program: Broaching tools Years in UC: 34

    The beauty of this job is that it is specific, it requires constant engagement, concentration, precision. Since it is an individual production, each tool is a story for itself and it is necessary to be creative and have new ideas in addition to experience.

    UNIOR Components is a promising company that respects workers’ rights and in which young people can progress and improve.

    Nikola Mirkovic

    Position: Heat treat operator Production program: Heat Treatment

    This job is dynamic and in addition to the acquired education, I have the opportunity to apply the knowledge in practice. A very important item is that it gives young hopefuls the opportunity to gain experience in such an organization. The readiness of the top of the organization to conclude new jobs, continous education and the possibility of advancement as well as regular income are what make UNIOR Compononents a good employer.

    Goran Nikolic

    Position: Heat treat operator Production program: Heat Treatment

    At UNIOR Components, there have always been some new experiences and encounters with some new challenges, new materials, new workers, new tools to work with.

    Djordje Simic

    Position: Pre-worker Production program: Welded constructions and CNC machining

    Fast and effective work organization, collegiality, good knowledge, good earnings and finding a job are exactly what makes UNIOR Components a good employer