New TOS WHN 13 machine is installed and running on our shopfloor

In order to provide the best quality for customers of our Welding & Machining department, we have replaced the old TOS WHN 13 CNC machine with a brand new one and it was recently put into operation. The complete characteristics of the machine can be below the photos:

Milling machine TOS WHN 13 (4 axis):

    • X, Y, Z – 3500 x 2000 x 1250 mm
    • Max. work piece weight: 12 000 kg
    • Speed: 10/3000 1/min
    • Feed: 4/10000 mm/min
    • Power: 41/46 kW
    • Spindle: ISO 50
    • Table dimensions: 1800×2500 mm
    • Control unit: Heidenhain NC 640
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UNIOR Components officially receives the “prosumer” status

On 18.11.2022. UNIOR Components has officially obtained the status of “prosumer” of electrical energy produced by its solar power plants “UC A” and “UC B”  whose total installed capacity is 555 kWh. This is the final step of the project, the investment of which started back in 2021.

UNIOR Components hereby officially became one of the first companies in the region that, after installing significant capacities in the production of electricity from renewable sources, acquired the status of “prosumer” from EPS (Elektro Privreda Srbije).  Also, according to the current plan, in 2023, 30-40% of electricity will be produced by solar panels.

In order to increase competitiveness on the global market, but also bearing in mind the volatility of the energy market, as well as contributing to the global goals of sustainable development, UNIOR Components will continue to invest in its capacities for the production of electricity.

Ivan Milićević, the manager of this project at UC, says the following for our website:

This is a big step forward in the realization of this project, but we are not stopping here. We will try to install more solar panels up to the total approved power of 900KW in the coming period. We expect the installed capacity to reduce Unior Components’ electricity costs, but also to contribute as much as we can to the efforts of state institutions to reduce the import of energy. In other words, we want to be responsible both for the business of the company and for the state of Serbia.

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